Vertical Jump Training like Kobe and Lebron

by Tony Smith on 11/18/2014

Guys, Galskobe-bryant-lebron-james

There are so many websites, so many programs that say ‘we will get you to jump 12-24 inches in no time!’ Right? BS!

Not true, not happening! Why? because I hate to say it, most of it is genetic. Are you upset? Will you give up on your dreams?


And the reason is simply, we can make the most of what we are born with and beyond…if done the right way.

If you are not one of the genetically gifted, there is no reason to copy the training of the genetically gifted and thinking you will achieve results.

Instead, follow the advice of someone who at one time was in your shoes – looking to build hops and dunk!. This will create progress in your dunking skills and improve your game more so.


Here is a guy who was stereotyped into thinking he just cant jump and never will. But, he took his genetic limitations and beat it…and so can you.


First off: Important! Follow a good diet, get permisison form parents, coaches before embarking on any training program

Second: Always beleive in yourself and mentally create an image in your mind, make it feel as real as possible of yourself dunking without effort. The mind connection is as important, if not more, than the physical.

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