Vertical Jump, Speed and Olympic Weightlifting

by Tony Smith on 01/19/2011

Correlation between Vertical Jump and Speed

Let me make a point: If you have a legit vertical jump of 40 inches+, you will run a sub 4.5 40-yard dash.

Check out an NFL combine reports and you will see that legit 40+ jumpers run 4.4 4.3 and even 4.2 40 yard sprints. Now, there are some who have average verticals and can run like the wind. My point is that to get to a level of a 40-inch vertical, your speed will gain a big boost as well.

Training for vertical jump increase will also increase your running speed. And training for speed will increase your vertical jump. The starting speed, the 1st 20 meters of a sprint is determined more to absolute explosive power than pure speed. This is a why Olympic weightlifters have been clocked as fast as 100 meter sprinters in the 1st 20 meters of a sprint, and recorded over 35 inch vertical jumps.

Can the Guy on the right dunk? 350 pounds with a 36-inch standing vertical. Olympic weightlifter Shane Hamman.

olympic weight lifting and vertical leap

Olympic style weightlifting teaches the body to fire explosively as one unit. The more unified your movement, the better performance. Synchronization of the muscles firing and contracting at a rapid pace is the key to any explosive movement whether it is jumping, sprinting etc.

The only downside of Olympic weightlifting is perfecting technique and finding the space to do it. If you are starting a Olympic weightligitng program I would focus on building absolute strength with core exercises such as squats, deadlifts, presses etc. and doing only bar weight for Olympic lifts till you get the hang of it. Olympic weightlifting should never replace basic strength lifts; it should be incorporated with it and with other forms of traing such as plyometrics. The best training program is to experiment with different  types of training. This will develop your muscles to its maximum potential.

how to jump high

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