Three Aspects of a Vertical Jump Training Program

by Tony Smith on 10/02/2011

Muscles and Vertical Jump Training A top-down view of a skeletal muscle Image via Wikipedia

Variables in a vertical jump program work together to form a successful effect.

When you train one variable, it might help you in another. As you improve each aspect of a jump training program, you’re going to notice that all of the components will work together. We call that synergy.  A complete athlete needs more than one component of physical ability to succeed.

The parts a jump training program working together will create a whole that is greater than each one working individually. Combining these 3 aspects will take your vertical jump height to a new level that may even shock you!

The first vertical jump training aspect is strength; The ability to generate force.

There is more than one type of strength. In order to jump higher, we’re working on fast twitch muscle strength; not just the ability to lift something up, but to do so quickly with much force even though you are using heavy weight and the movement feels slow.

The second vertical jump training aspect is quickness.

The first aspect is strength; the second is quickness. How fast you are able to generate force is going to create explosion.

If you’re able to generate a thousand pounds of force but you can do it in a split second, it’s going to create force of movement. Think of the torque of an automobile or Olympic weight lifters who use as much quickness with strength to lift enormous weights over their head. To do it slowly they would fall flat. Quickness with strength generates power, and power is the key to a high vertical jump

Strength and quickness are the top two facets of a vertical jump training program. But there is another….

The third vertical jump training aspect is neurological recruitment.

The third one you may never have heard of; it’s called neurological recruitment. For example, when you do any type of exercise, your body is recruiting a certain amount of muscle fibers, and is recruiting them in a certain way, so you can generate your force and quickness. You can train your body to recruit more muscle fibers and you can train them to do it quicker. A lot of this action is generated by heavy weight to failure (low reps 2-3 and should be done only when a good strength base is developed and used sparingly, once every 2 weeks). In addition to weight training, the mind can help with recruitment. See your muscles in your mind, while training, firing like rockets. Feel each strand of muscle fiber contract with force. Keep this image right before a set and during, and you will be surprised at the results. Mind over Muscle.


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