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by Tony Smith on 03/02/2011

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Vertical Leap and Baseball

We know that the vertical jump is one of the most asked about physical test for Basketball – and even Football -recruits as there is a strong correlation for success in both sports. But what about baseball? With spring training here, does the vertical jump matter in baseball? Not really, but what the vertical jump can show is the power in the lower extremities, and power is important in all sports. But power in the lower extremities in relation to baseball is not how fast one can run the bases or jump for the ball over the fence…it is about hitting and pitching.

What Lower body power does is drive your batting and pitching. Ask any coach on where does the hitting and pitching power come from and most will tell you, not the upper body, shoulders or arms – though important –but rather, the Hips. It’s all in the hips. It is the foundation, the starting strength, and the swing and throw is the result of that Hip power.

Why am I bringing this up? Well this site is not just dedicated to the vertical jump, but on how the vertical jump, and training for it can help with all sports.

Baseball players, it does not mean you need a 40-inch vertical to be good baseball players. Believe me, there are guys out there in the Majors who cant probably jump 20 inches off the ground and still throw 90mph and hit a 400 footer, but for any athlete looking to improve, training for explosive lower body power will improve your game whatever game it is.

If I were a Baseball player or any athlete for that matter, most important training is to build a strong core. You are nothing without a strong core. Check the core page for some good videos. and the kettlebell swing is a very good exercise to develop your hip power.

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