MMA Training for Strength and Sports

by Tony Smith on 05/15/2011

MMA Training for vertical jump and all Sports.

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With the decline of popularity of boxing and the super rise of MMA fighting competitions, the benefits of MMA training carries over well to all sports, but how will it help me jump higher and dunk?

Confidence and Core. No other form of training will build your confidence than MMA style training – a combination of boxing, wrestling and martial arts tecnhinques in one big package. Face it, if you can fight, defend yourself, your confidence will go through the roof. Confidence is the single most important factor in sports performance and life performance.

Core. The core is the link to the lower and upper body. A weak core means injury, and failure. You will not succeed in any sport without a strong core, and I have stated this before in my posts and have a page dedicated to various core exercises that can be easily done without a gym or equipment. Your core is most important.

How will MMA training help my vertical leap?

MMA guys are strong, explosive, and quick, and have great stamina. Their type of training helps build those qualities. MMA athletes also make use of Kettlebells in┬átheir┬átraining, another point I made via an article on increasing your vertical jump with kettlebells – its all in the hips.

Can MMA guys dunk? Not sure, probably some can. Explosive movements are related, though depending on how it is exhibited will vary for different athletics. An explosive MMA athlete can learn to dunk rather easily if he is built for explosiveness which most are. It all comes down to learning the technique of jumping.

The stamina to fight 5-minute rounds with strikes, kicks, blood, is no easy feat. The combination of explosive stamina developed in MMA training will help you run the court the last 2 minutes of a game, score the goal at the 89 minute, dash for the touchdown with 30 seconds left in the 4th quarter.

Training for vertical leap is not just training to test it. It needs to be carried over to your sport and if you can jump 40 inches on one try then 10 jumps later you are jumping only 10 inches cause you have no stamina, will guarantee failure on the field/court. I rather have an athlete jump 28 inches 10 times in a row then the 40 incher who can do it only 1-2 times then fall flat cause he has no stamina to maintain his hops.

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