Dunk Like Lebron

by Tony Smith on 12/11/2010

Do you want to run down the court with finesse and power and dunk like a God? Of course you do, but can you? If you are on this site you probably can’t so is this bad news? No! NO! NO! People, anyone can learn to dunk, just dunk, do it like they say….well, not so simple unless you are part of the lucky genetics club, but there are ways to take the so-called ‘inferior’ athlete (not to be harsh) and turn them into dunking machines.

Training is the key. Knowing your strengths and weakness is the main objective. If you are in shape with a low body fat and can squat at least 1.5 to twice your body weight, you should have a decent vertical leap. If you cant, you need advanced training. But before embarking on any training program, take a look at the core section of my sight as the core needs to be strong to help prevent injuries and also is very beneficial in helping an athlete increase his overall body power. This is a must. GO TO THE CORE PAGE!


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