Amazing 56 inch vertical jump and dunking skills

by Tony Smith on 12/12/2010

Serious Hops!

I don’t believe his vertical is 56 inches from a standstill, only from a run-up, still impressive no doubt. I will get into the debate of  ‘actual’ vertical leap height in the next post and show you how and why NFL players have the highest, legitimate vertical leaps recorded, more so than NBA players.

Kadour Ziani is an amazing dunker. The Frenchman of Algerian heritage stands only 5’10” yet goes to almost eye level with the rim. He credits his vertical jumping to mainly stretching – another topic I will discuss in an upcoming post, but to Kadour, you can jump cause you work hard and face it, you are part of the lucky genetics club. Check out his amazing dunks in the video.


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