Jump Higher, Run Faster with the Glute Ham Raise

by Tony Smith on 04/17/2011

glute ham raise vertical jump training

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What the Glute Ham Raise is not…an exotic sandwich from the far east…. but it is one of the most overlooked yet beneficial exercise you can do for the entire posterior chain (lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calves) that will help increase your vertical leap and running speed in addition to other benefits.

The glute ham raise is done primarily on a glute ham machine found in most gyms. You can still do it without the machine and I will show you how in a bit….from the calves to the lower back, the entire posterior chain is worked in unison. This exercise will carryover and help develop:

* your squat.
* your deadlift
* Power cleans
* running speed
* vertical jump

The glute ham raise can be done in various ways. For the beginner, using your own bodyweight for about 3 sets and 10 reps is sufficient and believe me, the next day your hams will burn no matter how well trained  you are. Once the load feels light, holding a plate and using bands will help add resistance to increase progress. The video below show a few variations of the glute ham raise that will undoubtedly help increase your vertical jump and running speed. This exercise may be the added boost you need to jump higher and run faster. It is one of many pieces, but a large piece it is.

What if you dont have access to a gym and this equipment?

You can do the glute ham raise with other means. Here are a few links to some videos on how to do it:

Performed on a lat machine

Performed on the floor with a partner

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