Diet and Jumping

by Tony Smith on 01/06/2011

There is nothing new in what I am going to say about how and what to eat to improve your athletic abilities. You have heard it before, but I have evidence on what I say may be true. Read on…

To re-eiterate the facts: stay away from high fat, high sugar, processed foods. Keep your diet to about 35% Lean protein (chicken and fish primarily) and the rest vegetables. Yes, vegetables. I am not a Vegan, but research has shown that the key to longevity is a high vegetable, low meat diet. Now, I crave a cheeseburger from time to time, and there is nothing wrong with cheating once a week. In fact, I encourage it, to give yourself a pat for your accomplishments. But I cannot stress enough that a high vegetable/fruit diet is most important (again, meat is ok in moderation).

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Most Important! Stay away from cigarettes, heavy alcohol, and drugs! Supplementation should not be a science. A good whey protein powder is a good source of protein especially when holding back on meat consumption.. A multi vitamin formula will help. Creatine is up to the individual, but personally, not necessary.

Eat your Veggies and Vertical Leap to the Sky for a Long Time

Have you ever heard of Willie Gault? Willie Gault was a wide receiver for the Chicago Bears in the 80’s, also a member of a world recording breaking  4×100 relay team, and world record breaking Olympic Bobsled team. One of the Fastest men in the world. Today, at age 50, he can still hit the burners, and he credits it to his diet. READ THIS ARTICLE ABOUT WILLIE GAULT.

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