Core Training

For all Athletes, especially beginners. You are nothing with a without a strong core! YOU ARE NOTHING WITHOUT A STRONG CORE!

The link to your upper body and lower body is a strong middle, not just abs, but the entire core area (abs, lower-back, side). As shown in the video below you should master core training before doing any sort of  advanced weight or vertical leap specific training. Why? because a strong core will link the lower body and upper body as one powerful efficient unit and when the body is linked as one, your athletic skill will skyrocket to a new level! and by the way …


If you cant do the exercises below without breaking a sweat I would stay away from any weight training or advanced vertical leap training until the core exercises below are mastered. Try to do these core exercises at least every other day working up to 5 sets of  2-5 minutes a set. Go at it slow. There are also a variety of different styles of core exercises, research online, but the video below is a good start. I”ll add some more informative videos in the near future on this page in relation to core training as well as bodyweight specific training when access to weights or advanced training equipment is limited.