Two Vertical Jump Programs that are a must.

 Vertical Jump. Vertical Leap. Can you dunk. How high can you jump...In the sports world, these comments are almost always heard. And it does not pertain only to Jumping sports such as Basketball and Volleyball. The Vertical Jump or Vertical Leap shows an athletes power and explosiveness. And that power translates to performance on the filed for the most part.

Face it, two equally skilled athletes, the one who has more power will have an advantage. Now, this does not mean the guy with the lower VJ cannot succeed, but if you look at the top athletes in any sport, all have tremendous power and explosiveness and high vertical jumping abilities. And this power can be examined by a simple test – the Vertical Jump test. This test is a staple at Both NFL and NBA Scouting combines.

"how high can you jump"


What is it about the Vertical Jump that makes Scouts drool over an Athlete who can jump?

It is the power generated, this power when skilled can transform into speed, strength, quickness, agility etc. This all comes, not from the legs, though obviously important, but rather the hips. The hips are the key to any full body explosive movement. Running, Jumping, Swinging, Throwing, Skating, Punching, Kicking. An increase in Power and explosiveness in the hips will benefit Athletes from MMA to Golf to Wrestling, Boxing, Track, Football etc.

How can you develop Power and Explosiveness in the hips?

If you are part of the lucky genetics club, congrats, any training will make you jump higher, run faster, you where born for it. If you are not part of the lucky gene club, dont despair, you can achieve the same level with hard work.

1. Develop core strength first. I cant stress this enough. It is the link the the upper body and lower body. Look at my core page for more info.

2. Develop overall body strength A High strength to body weigh ratio is key. Basics, such as the Squat, Deadlift, Push Press, Bench Press is all a beginner needs.

3. Confidence.

Once You develop a good core and strength base, additional more intense training is needed. It becomes specific to what you want and for your sport. The training programs below are a great start. Look it over and make your own choice. Lots of luck and happy hopping.



★★★ 3 out of 4 stars

Kelly Baggett’s Vertical Jump Development Bible

 I like Kelly Baggett’s program; in fact, for the beginner, I think Kelly’s program is the best. It is basic, but he goes through many exercises that you would need and helps set up a good foundation. It is also the least expensive of the two. If money is an issue, Kellys program is worth it, especially for beginners. A Good buy. Click on Kelly dunking for the program.


★★★★ 4 out of 4 stars

Jacob Hiller’s Vertical Jump Manual

Jacob’s program is the best of the best. Jacob Hiller is a well renowned NBA and Olympic trainer. He knows his stuff. His program is geared to the more middle  to advanced athlete and to those who have no concern of cost. $67 is the fee for the basic course – which comes with plentiful of proven training methods. For the serious jumper, Jacob offers the manual, bonuses and ONE on ONE coaching for ONE YEAR for the rather steep (but totally worth it) price of $197.00. If you are a coach or someone in need of serious, proven training by a real professional, you will not go wrong with Jacob Hiller and his jump manual – with a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!  An absolute must buy for the serious jumper. Click to get serious!

Either of these 2 vertical jump training programs will benefit any athlete looking to increase thier jumping height and running speed.